Our Company
We are a couple that started this company after
researching many suppliers to find the best and
most efficient products.
We needed reliable High Efficiency Products since
we operate "off the grid" (no utility company) using
solar power and have a cistern that is filled with
water from our roof and composting toilet.
Our products are energy saving, green, and earth friendly. We live off grid,and
use a Sun-Mar composting toilet, a Staber washing machine and dryer, and a
Sunfrost refrigerator freezer. We ascribe to the basic tenants of self sufficiency,
and homesteading. Our products carry the energy star partner label. We formed
our company to supply, service, and support specialized products that we believe
in and use in our own home. Our geothermal cooled and, solar powered home
is completely independent of the electric company.
HighEfficiencyProducts                                          About Us
We have the business experience of over 24 years in sales and service.  These
experiences have been in forming successful startup companies that are hale
and hardy.  The owners have licenses in  refrigeration, electrical and certified
Geothermal construction.  Our background also includes professional energy
management skills. We have applied these in practical ways to our own living
About Us